Sound Booster For PC – Detailed Tutorial For Beginners

Are you having a trouble hearing your friends on Skype or while listening to music or watching music on your PC? Want to make it louder? Sometimes even when you turn up the volume to the maximum yet you cannot hear anything well. this may be because you don’t have a proper audio driver for your PC & that is why I am going to talk about Sound Booster which will solve audio problem in PC. Recently, we have shared solution to remove shortcut virus permanently.

sound booster for pc

Sound Booster is software which is designed to ensure that has the capabilities and to utilize to their maximum potential for increasing the audio volume up to 500%.Therefore, with the help of this sound booster, you can hear easily by raising the volume up to the maximum. However, if you are thinking to buy a new speaker for your PC, then there is a better option Sound booster can help you to boost the sound in Windows operating System easily up to 500% to the original level even while keeping the audio crystal clear.

Features of Sound Booster for Pc:

Sound Booster comes with lots of features in it that will be mention here.

Increase Volume Above Maximum:

First of all, it can increase the volume above maximum from any application that is being played in the amplified for up to 500%. Therefore, with the help of this sound booster, you can raise the volume of any kind of movie on your PC or of programs that includes web browsers, on-line communication software and much more. In fact, you can play any sound on your PC all you have to do is boost up the sound to a comfortable level up to 500%.

sound booster for pc

Very Easy to Use:

It is very easy to use, through which you can control the current volume easily with the help of pop-up slider from the system. Therefore, you can easily increase or decrease the sound with the help of system-wide hotkeys easily on your PC.

Auto start:

The sound booster can start on every window easily; in fact, you don’t need to start it manually. This way, you can boost up the volume of your PC as it can be useful if your PC’s speaker’s volume level is not enough to hear on most occasions.

No Sound Distortion:

The sound booster helps in preventing all kinds of sound distortion, as it constantly monitors the current volume levels.Therefore, this way it reduces all kinds of noisy sounds that might effect your ear as well as your neighbors.


The sound booster can support in many languages, but at present, they only can support two languages which include English and Russian. However, they have been working on to translate its user in several other languages in the coming future.

Therefore, these are the features of Sound Booster for Pc. Moving on, let us know more about how to download and install this Software on your PC.

sound booster for pc

How To Download Sound Booster for PC:

To download Sound Booster for PC is very easy, all you need to do is follow some few instructions:

  • First, you go and visit the official page of Sound Booster.
  • Now click the latest version of Sound Booster by clicking the download button.
  • Once the download process is done, click on the install button on your PC Screen.

Now, moving on to how to install Sound Booster for PC.

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How To Install Sound Booster for PC:

Once you are done with the download process, now all you need to do is install the Software on your PC by following these simple steps:

  • Before you start installing on your PC, you will be asked for some confirmation before running the install file on your PC.
  • Once it gets installed, you can directly choose your location for installing the file on your PC.
  • Next thing, you need to put the icon by choosing any location on your PC.

These are steps how to install Sound Booster for PC in the above. Once you are have installed them on your PC, all you need to look for few more steps.

Limitation for Using Sound Booster for PC:

Earlier, You have read about the steps of how to download and install the Sound Booster for PC. However, once you have installed them on your PC few instruction will pop-up on your screen like they will offer you a trial version of Sound Booster Software and also the paid version of it.

Therefore, if you choose for the trial version of Sound Booster which is only for 14 days. However, if you choose to purchase the Software then there three types of license, which includes:

  • Basic Version which is only for $19.95, that can be installed only on one PC  and last for the one-year guarantee.
  • Standard Version which is only for $34.95 that can be installed on 3 PCs and last for the two years guarantee.
  • The professional version which is for $49.95 that can be installed on 5 PCs and last for two years guarantee.


If you are not pleased by using Sound Boost, then all you need to do is visit their official page and they will surely refund them with 30 days money back guarantee.

The requirement for Installing the Sound Booster:

  • The processor must be at least 1.0HGz and above.
  • The memory should be at least 256 MB.
  • Your disk space must have at least 10 MB.

Pros of Sound Booster for PC:

  • It works on all windows whether it on windows 8, 10. It works on all windows easily without any trouble.
  • It is very easy to use and provides auto start mode through which you can easily play any music without starting it manually.
  • It increases its volume up to the maximum level for at least 500% on your PC.

Cons of Sound Booster for PC:

There is only one disadvantage for using Sound Booster on your PC, that is, you need to buy the full version of the Software for $19.95 for a year. Even though they provide trail version of it, but only for 14 days which sometimes it doesn’t work well.

To conclude, the Sound Booster helps you to turn up the volume for sounds which are being played too low, even though you have set the volume up to the maximum level. Therefore, this Software comes in handy not only for listening to audible music or sound that can barely listen to it and also saves all your time and money without the need of purchasing new external speakers for your PC.

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