Download SimCity BuildIt Apk

NameSimCity BuildIt
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3 +
Last UpdatedDec 2, 2020


SimCity BuildIt Apk – SimCity BuildIt is one of the most successful SimCity game. With this, you can build a city of your dreams. Yes! Becoming a builder of your dream city is just a few steps away. In this game, one can design a beautiful city and build parks, buildings, factories, landmarks, etc. In your way, while building all this, you’ll come across several fun challenges to keep your cities improving and growing. Your internet connection needs to be strong so that you can manage your city and make its citizens happiest of all. Not just this, but you’ll also face competition from other mayors in becoming the best builder.

SimCity BuildIt Apk also has the feature to form a group. So that with the help of each other you can continue to upgrade your respective cities. Teamwork is always better as you can even chat about the strategies before declaring war on the other cities. The game provides you with several opportunities to earn different types of currencies like gold coins, green much and few more. There are different types of zones in a city that you are supposed to build like residential, industrial and commercial zone. So, what are you waiting for? Be the builder of the city of your imagination.