Download Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk 1.39.1 (Unlimited Money)

NameOperate Now: Hospital
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Size50.8Mb + 379Mb
DeveloperSpil Games
Requires Android 5.1 +
Last UpdatedNov 5, 2020

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Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk – Operate Now Hospital is one of the best RPG games that place you in the shoes of a surgeon whose primary job is to manage an entire hospital. But, the real catch isn’t to just manage it, rather, you have to perform surgeries while taking care of the patients. While doing surgeries, you will need to perform several tasks. These tasks may include cutting, stitching, applying medical gel and much more. Throughout the gameplay, your sole objective would be to accomplish a particular surgery within the specified time limit.

If you fail to do, then your patients will have to suffer. For every successful surgery, you will earn money which you can use to make improvements in your hospital. You can also recruit medical staff to work with you and pay them a salary for performing the jobs designated to them. In all, Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk is a fun game having nicer gameplay and the most realistic graphics out there. This is for sure the best RPG game that you can find on Android. You can download the Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk to play the game with unlimited money.