Memorex MKS-SS5 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Are you looking for an all-in-one machine for parties and game nights? Memorex MKS-SS5 is the for you! This model is absolutely exclusive and what makes it different from others is its sound quality. The top quality sound production of this model makes it one of the best in the list for music lovers who can compromise with almost anything but not the sound. This is indeed a power packed device with a good to use interface and a super saver battery life.

The best of the features of this Memorex MKS-SS5 is that it is absolutely durable and will last for a really long time even on frequent usage. Whether you want to use it for your indoor parties or prefer it for your outdoor vacations, this is the apt deal for you! This Bluetooth enabled karaoke machine has set a benchmark in the market and people are loving it not just by its appearance and design but for the affordable deal that the brand has produced as per the value you are paying for it! I, being a music freak has switched to several machines after using Memorex MKS-SS5 for quite some time now, I am contended and thus, thought of sharing its features with you all!

Memorex MKS-SS5 Review

What is there in the box?

Wondering about what’s there in the packed box? Well, Memorex MKS-SS5 comes with a SingStand 2, microphone and a microphone cord. This makes sure that there is no compromise in the deliver of sound. This device also contains a 11-inch line-in cord, 7-inch line-in cord, cord management clip, and a user manual to guide you all through the installation process to that of using it.

Features of the Memorex MKS-SS5

  • Amazing sound quality

Memorex MKS-SS5 offers an amazing sound quality that is good to meet the specifications of any movie or music freak. The built-in stereo 5 watt speakers are good to deliver a sound that’s crisp and is of utmost clarity. No matter if you prefer to hear pop music, romantic or rock, this device is just amazing with each one of them.

  • Dimensions

SingStand is 59 inches tall. You can extend it to full length and its base measures 12 inches in diameter. Besides, it comes with a headphone jack or a Bluetooth technology that is absolutely apt for a music lover to try out songs from different devices. One can even practice his or her favorite songs on electric guitar or on the keyboard. The singstand also comes with a built-in cradle and a protective strap so as to hold your device securely and prevent it from any damage while reading the lyrics as well as holding the microphone.

  • Bluetooth enabled

This Bluetooth enabled Memorex MKS-SS5 doesn’t let you discard your mobile phone’s playlist when you are out for a party. If you think that you have got some awesome songs in your playlist, why not rock the party with them? This device covers a decent bluetooth range and thus, you can connect your mobile to it wirelessly and play your list of music. Thus, you can connect it to your tablets, MP3 players and even your smart phones.

  • Input compatibility

This instrument is input compatible with a wide variety of other instruments so that you can practice your favorite songs on any of them – be it your electric guitar or keyboard. You may even choose to use it for supporting the singer with several other musical accompaniment during Karaoke sessions. This input compatibility is thus, amazing with Memorex MKS-SS5. It even features two microphone inputs with one microphone included in the pack itself. Just a headphone jack and one can connect this device to any audio device by using the Singstand 2 by utilising the input and the included cords.

  • Duet sessions

Memorex MKS-SS5 features two microphone inputs wherein one mic comes along with the pack. Thus, you can count this device even for your duet performances.

  • Audio voice controls

A balanced audio production is a must for any musical gadget and so is it for this karaoke machine as well. Thus, it makes sure that your own sound is loud and clear enough both to the audience as well as you while you are up for the performance on stage. AVC feature is thus, really awesome. Also, the singstand 2 feature amplifies your vocals and the control panel adjusts the volume as per the environment or add an echo effect whenever needed.


  • SingStand 2 is equipped with two 5-watt speakers
  • Extended battery life for sustaining in long karaoke sessions
  • Audio voice control for balanced sound production
  • Built-in stereo speakers for crispy sound quality
  • Universal line-in for connecting to smartphones, MP3 players and tablets
  • 11-inch line-in cord and a 7-inch line-in cord comes along with the pack
  • Instrument input compatibility for accompanying it with guitar, keyboard and other musical instrument, a perfect setup for an orchestra as well
  • Backed by a 90-day warranty period


  • Memorex MKS-SS5 has got a mic that seems to be too tall for an average sized kid.

Bottom line:

Certainly, Memorex MKS-SS5 might not be the best of the deals available in the market but we can still count it as one of the most amazing products as per the value you are paying for it. It does not compromise in terms of sound quality and its input compatibility with different musical instruments and other compatible devices such as tablets and smartphones make it one of the most popular products in this category. Talking about its performance, it is amazing and the mic controls are something you can rely upon. Also, the audio voice control feature works really well. Thus, depending on the ambience you are in, you can make the adjustments accordingly and once you start using this model, I am pretty sure that you are going to love it!

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