How To Use RSS Feed Reader (Detailed Tutorial)

The Internet itself is a very big world with huge torrents, so everyone including the bloggers would like to get notification from only some few categories which they are interested in. You can get this feature from internet through the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, and this RSS feed is very much important for the bloggers to get targeted visitors.

RSS Feed Reader

Today you are going to know about the RSS feed, that why it is important for everyone and how it is useful to stay updated for everyone. Not only this, you will also know about why Bloggers should not afford to miss out the RSS in their blogs to get targeted visitors. So check out the detailed information about the RSS and also have a look at the steps for how to use RSS Feed Reader. Isn’t it interesting?

Basic Information of RSS Feed Reader:

RSS is a free web format and this is used in all those blogs or websites where contents are regularly updated. The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) really helps you in following to all those blogs or website which you love.

When you want to get updated every time a new content is published on your favorite website, the main practice is to bookmark the site and check each and every day. But the RSS technology has made it easier for everyone, once you subscribe the newsletter from your favorite sites, you will start getting a notification every time a new content is published on the site.

So this is all about the basic information of the RSS Feed. Now let’s have a quick look at how does RSS Feed Reader works before telling you how to use RSS Feed Reader. Also check out Windows not genuine error solution.

How Does RSS Feed Works?

RSS is a free technology which makes it more attractive to use, and you can also get started with this technology on the go. When any webmaster uses the RSS on their blog or website, an aggregator which is also known as the Feed Reader will run in the background, and will always see if any new content is updated in your website or not.

So the moment the webmaster updates any new content on their website. The Feed Reader which will be running in the background will directly grab it and will send to all those who have subscribed their blog or website. You can also customize the notification as the desktop based or website based, but as soon as you update a new post on your website, all your subscribers will be getting a notification.

How to Use RSS Feed Reader:

So here below are the steps to use RSS Feed Reader which can help you get updated from your favorite website easily. But I am going to divide the steps into two, for different browsers. First I will tell you about how to use the RSS in FireFox and the in the Internet Explorer.

How to use RSS Feed Reader in FireFox:

  1. For getting subscribed in RSS Feed Reader to any of your favorite websites. Go to the website and then click on the RSS icon. Soon after you click on the RSS icon, you will see a popup where you will need to click on the Subscribe with “Live Bookmarks” which is also the FireFox feed reader.
  2. Now you will see another Dialogue box where you will see all the list of the website feeds which you want to get access. Click on the “Subscribe button”
  3. Finally, you will see a new icon in the Bookmark toolbar. So click on the icon to see the list of the stories, now click on any of it to go to your favorite site and read the full story.

So this is it, this is all you need to do to subscribe any of your favorite website feed through the FireFox Feed Reader. The steps are quite easy to follow, so it is done with the FireFox. Now let’s check out how to use RSS Feed Reader in the Internet Explorer.

How to use RSS Feed Reader in the Internet Explorer:

  1. The same goes in the Internet Explorer, first of all, you will need to see if your favorite website uses feed or not. If the RSS Feed is enabled, click on the RSS icon.
  2. Clicking on the RSS icon will automatically bring up a page where you can subscribe all the feed.
  3. Now click on the “Subscribe to this feed” button. After you click the button, another box will appear. In the box, you will need to select the “Add to Favourite bar” option and then click on the “Subscribe button”
  4. Now you will see that in the Favourite toolbar you will see a new icon of the site which you have saved with the RSS Feed Reader. Click on any of the new story links, it will directly go to the website and you can read the full story.
  5. To check out all the feeds, click on the “Favorite” button and then click on the “Feed” button. Here you will see all the feeds that you have saved and you can click on any link and go to your favorite website and read the full story.

So these are all the steps to save the feeds of your websites in the Internet explorer. I bet the steps are easy enough to you to remember and save the feed whenever you want.

This is all about the steps for how to use RSS Feed Reader, I must say the RSS Feed is very useful tool to stay updated with the news from your favorite site which you have subscribed. So now you will not get any outdated news as you will get notification of a new post on your desktop every time. I hope all these steps are helpful to you for saving the feeds of your favorite sites. If you have some more queries regarding the RSS Feed Reader, feel free to ask in the comment section below.How To Use RSS Feed Reader

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